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What is a Permit Expediter & Why You NEED One…

What is a Permit Expediter

If you have ever dealt with any kind of construction project you know you need a permit before hammering your first nail in.


Acquiring permits from the city, state, and county are time consuming, confusing, and overall stressful.


That’s where we come in.


As permit expediters our job is to understand all of the local building codes and advise homeowners, contractors, and commercial developers on the best methods to have their projects approved and keep their construction on schedule.


Although our primary skills are related to the extensive knowledge of building codes and permit applications, we must also have excellent planning experience in order to better represent our clients at any hearings they may need to attend before a permit is issued.


Above all else, our role is that of a facilitator between a city’s staff and the owner of a particular project. If a permit expediter can help interpret the way city staff enforce building codes, they can then devise the best strategy for project approval.


Permit expediting is one of the most valuable resources a contractor can have, particularly if they’re not familiar with a particular city’s building codes. Most expediters handle numerous projects in different cities (in my case the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area) ,which means their knowledge is truly priceless to many in construction.


From homeowners to contractors, permit expediting is a beneficial service that should be taken advantage of. You DO NOT want to be caught without a permit during your construction project.


For you permit expediting needs, City Permit is here for you.


Thank you!

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