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What does a Permit Expediter do? Make An Architect’s life easier…

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What is a Permit Expediter?


A Permit expediter is the liaison between government agencies (such as DCRA) and the client related to construction/building permits.


A permit expediter will assist you with scheduling and budgeting the project appropriately so that you may save time and money in the process.


Permit Expediters are trained and have experience working with local compliance codes and zoning requirements.


In conclusion, a permit expediter has the local knowledge and expertise to cut the time it takes to get a permit by half, potentially more. Saving you, the client, a lot of time and money in the process.




Benefits of Working With a Permit Expediter?


> Handling Paperwork.


Filling out tedious forms, applications, submissions, and locating appropriate documentation may eat up your time.


Especially if you are unfamiliar with the process and/or area. Let us handle the grunt work so that you have time to address more important matters.


> Save Time/ Save Money


At City Permit, our only goal is to provide the highest quality and fastest service in the area. By utilizing our services, we are confident you will save time thus saving money in the process.


We save our clients an average of 3-6 weeks in attaining the necessary permits. As with most industries, specifically construction, 3-6 weeks can be the difference of hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


> Rapport with Government Agencies


City Permit has been working with clients and different government agencies for nearly 10 years. Because of this, we have established positive relationships with city officials, jurisdiction representatives, and other individuals involved in the permitting process. These positive relationships with jurisdictions allow us to obtain information quickly and efficiently, often relaying it back to the client immediately.


What Sets City Permit apart?


City Permit takes a strategic approach to handling the permit expediting process. Rather than simply acting as a liaison between jurisdictions and architects, we take a hands-on approach by presenting solutions to problems that arise during the permitting process. If a plan reviewer determines that there is an issue with building plans, we come up with solutions such as alternative designs and methods to overcoming the situation.


We become part of our client’s team and make it our mission to achieve our client’s goals. We take communication seriously, providing weekly updates to ensure all team members are up to date throughout the entire process. To learn more about the City Permit approach to permits, contact us today.


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