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Useful Tips From a Permit Expediter

Useful Tips From a Permit Expediter

Permit expediters take care of the permitting application for construction projects. They have the knowledge, experience, and contacts to ensure a structure complies with local building codes.


Some permit expediters are also architects, engineers, or construction workers. These professionals know the ins and outs of construction, zoning, and building regulations. When property owners hire them for a project, they not only ensure their building is legal, but they also gain valuable knowledge along the way.


If you want to better prepare for your next project, here are 5 tips from experienced permit expediters:




The land can cause a lot of problems during construction. If it’s not in the right condition or if it’s in a zone with strict building regulations, the project’s cost will increase. That’s why you should think twice before buying a lot. Focus on the soil quality, utility access, location, neighborhood value, and topography. The ideal scenario is hiring a land inspector before buying or starting construction.




Ok, you found the perfect land and the perfect architect! But don’t start drawing your new house just yet! You want to read the local building code so you can avoid any issues in the future. The sooner you learn the regulations, the less stress you will have during the design, construction, and permitting application process.




The key to a successful construction project is to have a reliable team by your side. Hiring experienced, licensed, and insured contractors will save you a lot of stress, time, and cost. Ideally, the contractors will understand local building codes and work toward creating a safe, legal, and high-quality structure.


Be wary of amateur or scam companies that use hidden costs to drain out the pockets of property owners. The building contract should be transparent and match your initial deal with the company. Proven ways to check if a company is reliable are by reading reviews, getting in contact with previous clients, and checking license and insurance.




If you are building from scratch, you will definitely need a building permit. Remember that the City Office sends an inspector to the site in order to give you the permit. If something is wrong with the structure, you will have to rebuild and therefore, prolong the construction process.


It’s best to hire a project manager that will monitor the process and give constructive advice. He/she will manage the construction team and make sure that everybody is doing their job properly. Project managers are necessary for large-scope commercial projects, but they can also reduce stress for residential homeowners too.




If you really want to be one step ahead of the City Office, hire separate inspectors and a permit expediter. Inspectors can evaluate the site during and after construction. These professionals usually have a background in construction themselves or in civil/structural engineering. They will tell you whether everything complies with safety regulations before the City Office inspector gets the chance to see your new home.


A permit expediter makes sure everything goes smoothly even before construction begins. He/she follows the process right from the beginning and guides the contractors so they work according to local building rules. The expediter also handles all the paperwork and takes care of the bureaucratic part of the permitting application process.


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