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The secret sauce to save time and money on your next project!

The secret sauce to save time and money on your next project

First things first…

What is a Permit Expediter?


A Permit Expediter is a trained individual that guides clients through each step of the permitting process ensuring that projects meet deadlines and don’t go over budget.


Permit expediters are well-versed in their local codes and zoning requirements and will facilitate the process of acquiring a permit.


“But do why do I need a permit expediter?” You may ask.


If you value your time, money, and sanity (not kidding) then you NEED a permit expediter…


We’ll explain..


How do I save time?


When working with government agencies, it isn’t always clear what is needed in order to acquire a permit.


Clunky websites and outdated information will cause you to pull your hair and waste time searching for the answer. Having a permit expediter on your team removes all questions/doubts from the permitting process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.


How do I save money?


The old saying goes “Time is Money”, and in the construction industry we all know this to be factual.


Those in the industry know that a single day can cost you thousands of dollars. How about a couple of weeks? Or even months? Your project may never get completed if you waste valuable resources.


By knowing the ins and outs of codes and compliance, as well as having a strong rapport with government agents, we are able to expedite the permit process for you. Saving you days, if not weeks with your project.


How do I save my sanity?


When was the last time you had a smooth turnout when dealing with government agencies? That last trip to the DMV was a delight, right?


The permitting process is no different, and if going in alone… prepare for an uphill battle that may make you want to tear your hair out.


Allow us to do the grunt work for you, we know there are a million other things you have to do to get this project up and running.


If you value any of the three above, then you NEED a permit expediter.


If not, then…. Good Luck!


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