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How to choose the right permit expediter?

How to choose the right permit expediter

There is no better feeling than building a property from the ground up, designed based on your vision. But, construction is no simple task, whether it’s a residential or a commercial project.


That’s why you need to have people you can trust and rely on by your side.


There are many permit expediters in Washington D.C. so you will probably have to make some tough decisions. We recommend doing interviews with multiple companies so you can see which fits your needs and preferences the most. For choosing the best permit expediter for your project, also consider these 5 factors:




As you probably would do for any job, you want to choose someone who has rich experience. You can also give a chance to a new company but make sure they at least have experience in other construction-related jobs like structural/civil engineering, architecture, real estate development, project management, etc.


The experience a permit expediter has should also be in line with your project. If you want to build a restaurant, look for someone who has successfully got permits for other restaurants or commercial properties in the area.




Local expertise is the most important feature of a good permit expediter. After all, building permits vary from city to city. The expediter you hire must know everything about the location of your building site. Your chosen permit expediter should also have contacts of local city administrators and contractors. More contacts mean more access to valuable information.


Have in mind that the best expediters are those who are familiar with regulations from all over the USA. This means they have witnessed everything there is about permit expediting, and can easily spot and prevent potential issues.




Everybody wants to have a positive atmosphere on the construction site. So don’t hire a permit expediter who is not a team player. Permit expediters should have a respectful attitude toward the rest of the team, especially since they will be in frequent communication with architects, engineers, and builders.


The ideal candidates are also open to communicating and exchanging ideas. Their primary focus shouldn’t be getting you a permit at all costs but helping you build a legal and safe property.




Let’s face it, a lot of people lie in job interviews! You can do a check-up after the interview and either read Google reviews or ask for contact information from previous clients. If you already know a person from the construction industry that you trust, you can ask him/her to find out more about the expediter’s experience and work ethic.


Finding the right permit expediter is not as hard as it seems. Besides considering these 5 factors, listen to your gut as well. After all, you will rely on this person for months. Ask yourself questions like: “Do I feel respected and heard when I am talking to this person?”, “Am I confident in their abilities?”, and “Does he/she seem like a reliable and experienced professional?”


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