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Do I Need To Hire a Permit Expediter?

Do I Need To Hire a Permit Expediter

Unless you like administrative tasks and paperwork, applying for a building permit will not be fun or easy. It’s usually a complicated process, especially if you live in an area with many building codes and a disorganized city office. But there is a cure for this. It’s called a permit expediter.


A permit expediter is an individual or a company that is an expert in the permitting application process. They usually have experience in construction, civil/structural engineering, city agencies, or architecture. Their job involves researching local building codes, submitting paperwork, and overseeing construction to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Do you need a permit expediter? Read below to find out:




Every neighborhood has building codes that the citizens must follow. If they don’t, the city can demolish the structure or demand a rebuild, and the property owners will have to pay fees. This means a lot of stress, time, and money.


In short, local building codes and zoning dictate every construction project. Without understanding them, you will have a tough time figuring out adequate solutions. And if you are not the type of person who likes to read and interpret laws, hiring a permit expediter is the quickest and easiest solution.




Building codes are stricter for commercial builds. For example, a commercial building should include materials with specific fire and energy ratings; enough means of egress with size specifications for doors, hallways, and aisles; roof underlayment; high-quality drainage systems; and many other features.


Commercial building codes are simply too complicated, and property owners cannot do everything on their own. That’s why a permit expediter is necessary for all commercial construction projects. However, this doesn’t mean that a residential project will not benefit from professional permit expediters.


Sure, you can try to figure out everything yourself, but some locations like historic districts, seismic hazard zones, and bushfire-prone areas have a lot of complicated building codes as well. In zones vulnerable to natural hazards, following building regulations will not only mean building legally, but it will also increase your safety and can save your life one day.




Planning and sketching a new structure is one thing, actually building it is another! Even though your architectural plan might follow all local regulations, you need to make sure that the builders are doing their job right. Plus, in construction, many issues come up unexpectedly, like a burst sewage pipe or soil erosion.


So unless you are an experienced architect, engineer, or builder yourself; you will need an expert by your side to always strive for maximum quality and monitor the project. A permit expediter will oversee everything and give guidance to contractors. He/she will make sure the project follows building codes without compromising safety and quality.




To hire or not to hire a permit expediter, that is the question! Is it nobler to face paperwork, project management, and disorganized city agents by yourself; or to let an experienced professional take that burden for you? It depends!


Every construction project is different. If you are planning to repair your fence, you might not need a permit expediter. But, if you plan on building a shopping mall or home addition, a permit expediter will cut your overall cost, time, and stress.


That’s why it’s best to look at your construction project objectively. Ask yourself questions like: “How big is the project?” “Does my neighborhood have strict building regulations?” “Can I endure the stress of doing it all myself?” “Am I willing to read and interpret local building laws?” “Can I fully trust the construction team?”. The answers to these questions will lead you to the right decision.


If you are still wondering what’s the best choice for you, contact our team!


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