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Considering Smart Technology for Your Home? 
Security and Energy-Efficiency Are Key

Considering Smart Technology for Your Home

Smart home technology continues to make inroads. However, there is a conflicting opinion about whether it adds resale value to your home, but more and more people are looking for home automation as they shop for a new home. That said, it’s safe to say that adding this technology to your home can give you an advantage on the market and possibly help you sell your home a little faster — particularly when it comes to security.


If any smart home improvements are going to bring an ROI, it’s the ones that have to do with safety and security, as these are the most important aspects to potential buyers. Smart technology allows homeowners to monitor and control their home from wherever they may be — whether they are pulling into their neighborhood or are thousands of miles away. Furthermore, it is known to save homeowners money when it comes time to pay the energy bill.


Decide Between DIY and Hiring Someone


First of all, consider whether you want to hire a professional to do the upgrades or do them yourself. Some devices can easily be installed by a homeowner who has the time, while some should be done by a professional. For instance, any rewiring that will need to be done in the home to accommodate the new smart home technology should be professionally done. Look for electricians in your area to come in and make some of the improvements.




Smart locks are one of the most popular additions to homes because of their safety and convenience. They allow you to leave the thought of traditional keys behind, as you can use Bluetooth or WiFi to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere. Also, you can set them up to automatically lock and unlock based on where your phone is; that way, you never have to wonder whether you locked your home.


Cameras and Other Security Systems


Smart cameras utilize the same technology as smart locks to allow the homeowner to view and control them from anywhere. You can install a camera inside or outside your home and view the footage on your mobile device. The best smart security cameras feature a high-definition picture with a wide field of view, motion detection, and audio. Look for cameras that will allow you to view footage whether it’s day or night.


One of the most popular products today is a video camera that is hidden behind your doorbell. This way, if anyone is at your door, you can see who they are. You can also access the camera when you are at work or out of town. You should also consider motion-sensing lights that turn on when anyone is nearby. This will deter burglars because it will make them feel exposed.




Smart thermostats also offer safety and convenience, along with the advantage of saving on energy costs. Where these thermostats are smartest is that they can learn your preferences and schedule, and they can keep your home at the most comfortable temperature during all times of the day — whether you are home or not. What’s more, you can set them up to alert you when the temperature in your home becomes too hot or too cold.




Another smart tech option that brings you convenience and energy efficiency is smart blinds. These motorized shades allow you to open and close them either with a remote control or smartphone app. Similar to the smart thermostats, you can set schedules for when the blinds will open and close so that you never have to think about it. They also conserve energy and reduce stress on the HVAC system by interacting directly with the smart hub. For instance, the shades can sense when to open or close based on the temperature outside and whether or not the sun is shining into each room.


If you are interested in making smart home upgrades to your home, it will help to start with some of the most popular devices that provide safety, convenience, and energy efficiency. Consider hiring a professional to come out and change the wiring in your home. Look into smart locks and security cameras to add peace of mind and convenience to your life. Also, consider upgrading your thermostats and blinds to smart devices to save on the energy bill. These improvements could very well add some appeal to your home and attract buyers.


– Patrick Young



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