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Can your neighbors actually do this? Neighbor Notification!

Can your neighbors actually do this



You LOVE them, you HATE them.


From being too nosy to actually being extremely helpful, from worst enemies to best friends.


When it comes to construction, however, can your neighbors actually halt any renovation/projects you have planned?


Well… Yes, but no.

“Per the DCMR 2013 Construction Codes, any alteration, repair, additions to structure, party-walls, chimneys, underpinning or similar work adjacent to the property shall be protected from damage during construction. “

The above statement sounds fair. Your neighbors should be protected from property damage regardless of your project.


So what is the neighborhood notification program for?


Simply put, it is to give notice to your neighbors that construction will be taking place, and if any objections (for whatever reason) arise, then you have some time to try to figure things out.


There are a few exceptions to the rule, including but not excluded to chimney extensions.


Per the DCRA’s own website, they explicitly provide a disclaimer:

This tool is provided for your convenience.  It is not a requirement for use with the “Neighborhood Notification Program.” 

Adding that although they are authorized, they are not required to grant a reasonable extension of time so neighbors can come up with a solution.


So can your neighbors actually stop your construction in its’ tracks?


It’s doubtful, however, keep in mind that there are extenuating circumstances which would allow them to do so.


Keep your friends close, and your neighbors…. right where they are.


Source: https://dcra.dc.gov/service/notify-your-neighbor

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