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5 Common construction mistakes and how to avoid them!

5 Common construction mistakes and how to avoid them!

Building a property is an exciting and life-changing experience. However, many property owners have had negative experiences only because they made a few bad choices along the way. If you don’t want to be like them and want to make the most out of your new build, avoid these 5 common construction mistakes:




Like many new home builders, you might fantasize about your dream property and envision every detail down to drapes and cabinet handles. But, architecture and design are only pieces of the puzzle. Construction can be unpredictable, unnerving, and expensive, especially in Washington D.C. From obtaining a construction permit to troubles with the soil and lot, a project can go over budget right from the start.


Before you set a budget, it’s vital that you hire inspectors, do research, and schedule free consultations with contractors. As the old saying goes: it’s better to be safe than sorry!




One bad or rushed decision can influence the entire building process, even if it’s made at the very beginning. Neglecting to inspect the lot is a common mistake for first-time property builders. Experience shows that a bad lot will only create bad memories, complicate the construction process, and increase your spending.


If you want to choose a suitable site for your new build, we recommend consulting several experts including builders, permit expediters, site inspectors, and city counselors. Some of the key features of a perfect lot are:

  • High-quality soil

  • Access to utilities

  • No easements and property setbacks

  • Near schools, public transport, and shopping centers

  • In a zone without strict building regulations




Getting a building permit is a key part of every building project. Even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, permit expediting is probably one of the most tangled parts of construction. Zoning, building codes, laws, city inspectors… all are involved in the process and will influence your property’s final look and cost.


If you want to have an upper hand in the permitting process, contact professional permit expediters as soon as possible. A permit expediter knows all the ins and outs of building regulations, handles all the permitting paperwork, and ensures your property complies with the local codes.




Because construction projects are known to be expensive, many homeowners hire contractors who offer the lowest price. But don’t rush into decisions. Sometimes, some things are just too good to be true. Don’t forget that even though it’s fun, building a property is also a risky investment.


Instead of looking at prices, focus on the company’s experience, insurance, license, and reputation. The better company you hire, the higher chances of building something you are proud of.




Being optimistic and keeping a good vibe during construction is a great way to build memories. But it’s not the best way to build a property. Instead of going with the flow, make sure you plan every detail of your project, especially if you are on a tight budget.


Real estate development is no easy feat! If you are looking for a helping hand, schedule a consultation with our team. As professional permit expediters, we know everything there is about building a property in Washington D.C. Allow us to guide you through your next construction project.



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