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Communication is 🔑


Communication is 🔑


The start of any good relationship starts with good communication in order to establish trust and ongoing progress.


The key (no pun intended) is to be open and communicative from the start, laying down the foundation for a fruitful and successul relationship.


In the business world, good and bad communication can be the difference between making or losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, particularly in the construction industry.


At City Permit, we stride to create internal and external relationships based on the foundation of great communication.


Has poor communication ever cost you money or time?


Below are some tips to keep in mind:

  • An intention for connection.

  • Listen more than you speak.

  • Understand the other person first.

  • Understand needs, wishes and values.

  • Begin with empathy.

  • Take responsibility for your feelings.

  • Make requests that are practical, specific and positive.

  • Use accurate, neutral descriptions.


For all of your building/construction permit needs in Washington, D.C. City Permit is here to help!


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